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April 13-17

Ann on a recent Nature study linking dragons and climate change: “The authors recommend the obvious — increasing research in consumer-friendly fire-resistent clothing — and further suggest that monarchs desist from running around conferring knighthoods.” A sharp-eyed commenter notes publication date.

Michelle on a disease affecting couples living in tipis and other small, off-the-grid structures: “it doesn’t take too many solo rounds of hand-washing dirty diapers to kill the romance of modern homesteading, and bring on critical NOMWITTH.” Michelle notes that while this post was first written in 2011, the disease’s status has not changed.

Helen on traveling“Bits of my soul are pinned to a garden in southern Japan, a pasture in North Wales, and a river in Minnesota. And there’s one little piece on a quiet farm in western Colorado, in a sea of sage and juniper.”

Richard on solar eclipses, past and future“watch for the shadow, wait for the cooling, and listen for the sound of wildlife—not the unnerving absence of birdsong, but the one that interrupted my own reverie: the release, from hundreds of humans staring up, of individual variations on the word ‘Wow’.”

Frequent guests Judith Lewis Mernit and David Grimm talk about dogs, humans, and the gaze between“I believe I have engaged in some mutual gazing with a squirrel or two. Squirrels can really stare a person down, though I suspect they’re tripping more on cortisol than oxytocin.”

And we’re delighted to welcome a new Person of LWON: Jennifer Holland.


Dragons, which predate photography, in artists’ impressions: courtesy of Shutterstock





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