New Person of LWON: Jennifer Holland


two dogs look out of a windowI got to know Jennifer Holland when I started working down the hall from her at National Geographic. My tenure there was brief and deskbound. Jenny, on the other hand, is the kind of writer who travels the world to get up close to adorable nudibranchs and terrifying dragons. Then she puts the words together all nice and makes everything sound pretty. She’s also written a string of bestsellers about animals who are best friends; the first was turned into a series of wall calendars. But what she really likes, I gather, is chilling at home with her dogs (left) and husband (not pictured).

You may remember Jenny from her guest posts about living with pain (ow) and the pre-colonoscopy experience (ew). I’m thrilled that she’s joining us and can’t wait to see what she writes next. Her first post as a Person of LWON will appear on Monday.

 Photo: Jennifer Holland

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