The Last Word


February 2 – 6

Ann gave us a posthumous profile of Charles Hard Townes, whom you can thank for astronomers being able to peer inside the centre of the Milky Way, and for conscientious physicists advising the US Defense Department without being muzzled.

Fancy a moth in maroon velvet? Grotesque ripple-lines? Giddy exclamation points and mindblown italics? Check out Roberta’s tour down the rabbit hole of hundred-year-old scientific papers.

Abstruse Goose advances a bold idea about how to organise your bookshelf (n.b. baby sleep books go next to VHS Repair)

Richard wants to know if the workings of general relativity are part of the mainstream of your thoughts. Does it blow your mind or is it just meh, gravity curves the spacetime around an object. Sure.

Do birds have tongues? You bet they do. Cameron surveys a few shocking varieties.



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