The Thankers of LWON


Dear Readers:

Writing down our thoughts and feelings is pretty normal for the People of LWON. We’ve even written our thanks before. But this year for Thanksgiving, we wrote our thanks on paper. With our hands. Whoa.

Click each image to enlarge.


And to you, Dear Reader: Thank you for reading us.

The People of LWON

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5 thoughts on “The Thankers of LWON

  1. Dear People of LWON,
    Thank you! Also dogs, cats, suns, pens, penpersonship (yours is excellent, Ann!), dragons, post-it-notes, turkeys (although I believe they do not return the sentiment), clouds, water, Mexico (although, like turkeys, they may not return the sentiment), and snow (crazy how much dogs love snow).

  2. We’re pretty grateful to you too, Erica, both for your post and your excellently funny comments.

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