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SciWriSum14-Ireland1-IMG_0828June 23 – 27, 2014

Guest Christine Grillo wonders whether, once climate change hits, California will get tired of sending Baltimore avocadoes.  Turns out the last Baltimore winter killed her fig tree.  “Stunata,” her uncle says.

Science writers had a meeting about actually Doing Something about this eternal gender bias crap.  Christie reports, and I mean reports.

LWON reduxes (redices?) Sally on replacing World Cup refs with reliable technology: “Maybe we should start thinking about which cognitive tasks should be outsourced.”

This thing called confirmation bias, where Richard’s hotel radio goes on by itself and is clearly haunted by a ghost who comes the same time every night.

Cassie switches out Penis Fridays for Vagina Fridays and rightly so, except jeez.  Those poor women of the olden days, born without vaginas and under the care of docs who should have been mechanics.


closeBonus Sally:  Cassie’s husband and LWON guest poster, Soren Wheeler, bases a RadioLab program on Sally’s old LWON post about how being zapped by a 9-volt battery turned her into a highly accurate killer (“I didn’t leave any of them alive”), also serene.

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