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teotihuacan_la_ventillaJune 9 – 13, 2014

This week Michelle convinces us that cryptozoology has never known a stranger — nor more adorable — creature than the moose-like hugag. It is the creation of William Cox, and surely the ancestor of the heffalump.

Richard kickstarts a memetic phenomenon with the phrase, “telling the fire by its ashes” as a task faced by evolutionary biologists and, indeed, most scientists.

Stones of the salivary gland are a thing, according to Cassie. A painful ordeal of a thing for which “passing” one simply has to wait.

Uncomfortably close to the Earth’s dynamic nature, Christie spends the week re-assessing the mountains around her house, the largest of which recently calved, killing three men.

And just when you think you know your hieroglyphs, Erik introduces you to the cartoonish, interlocking balloon letters of Mesoamerican epigraphy and the as-yet undecipherable doodles made by the Teotihuacanos.

Image: Karl Taube

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