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DSC_0062 May 26-30, 2014

I have been in the back of a London taxicab in the small hours with Sally, and after what seemed like days of nausea-inducing back-alley turns I loudly suggested we might be faster just taking a main road. This was met with scorn and derision from said co-blogger. Now I know why.

When Craig goes artifact hunting he takes only photos and leaves only footprints. No digging. No holding. No taking. Tell no one. Having attached our affections to an indigenous seed jar, he leaves us on a cruel, cruel cliffhanger.

Also this week, Christie honors the American holiday of Memorial Day and Abstruse Goose points out that aliens whose home star is Vega are currently watching Seinfeld.  And finally, Cassie discovers her parenting style through the experience of crate training a puppy, using an ingenious stuffed toy with an artificial heartbeat.

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