The Last Word


mooseheadFebruary 18 – 22

During the war, German anatomists who were university professors did research on bodies of people who died in the concentration camps.  I don’t know how Heather can even write about it.

Guest Jill U. Adams talks to her son about driving rules and speed limits, has to figure out what to tell him about life’s gray areas.  The Northeast’s fish restoration efforts aren’t helping.

A reality show that Jessa actually learned from: indigenous arctic people raised in the cities, sent back out on to the tundra. Turns out they don’t know how to tan moosehide.

Guest Michael Balter goes to an ice age exhibit at the British Museum called Arrival of the Modern Mind.  He loves it  He wishes that its judgment of modern wasn’t off by 100,000 years.

Erika decides the apple juice has been in the frig long enough, decides she better drink it, asks Tom what’s the weird stuff floating in it, Tom’s no help.  Dear reader, should she drink it or not?  HELP!


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