Abstruse Goose: Computer Programming 101


computer_programming_101In spite of AG’s title, this is really Science Writing 101.  The first time science writers run across these infinitely receding questions is when they start researching a story and the story is all parts and no whole.  The next time is when they start asking scientists questions and every answer just means another question.  And the time after that is when they write the first draft and nothing is irrelevant.  How far down the rabbit hole do you go?  Once you’re down there, how do you get back up again?  How much of what’s down there do you bring back with you? Oh Lord it’s awful, it’s just awful.


Abstruse Goose has been on some kind of sabbatical and was posting from his archives.  This one was labelled Jan. 2, 2009 and didn’t have a link.   Because if it did, I’d link to it.  Meanwhile, he seems to be back again, all fingers and toes accounted for — for which we are grateful and a little relieved.  http://abstrusegoose.com

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  1. I’ve been on the other side too. I’ll be telling my (nonbiologist) husband about some story I’m working on or new story idea I have and he’ll interrupt me with questions (as he should). Many times, we have reached this point: “What’s a cell again?”

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