The Last Word


Dec. 17 – 21

Slide15-300x224Refereeing by a goal-line technology called — as Sally says, “(awesomely), Hawk Eye” — is outsourcing our judgment to a technology and its algorithms.  Is that going to work?  Given the history of human judgment, sure, why not.

Here’s Guest Sujata Gupta with a story about macaques with SIV that get AIDS, mangabeys with SIV that don’t get AIDS, and how the mangabeys gave AIDS to the macaques.  Bonus: a Nobel-prize winning virologist and child-molester.

Christie meets a dick at a party and is chagrined to have reacted civilly.  The commenters discuss the hell out of it.

Techies are the guys who make science happen, without whom no experiment would be built or once built, run.  Cameron’s old high school friend is a marine science techie and lives a dream life, with the occasional penguin.

And we present the first in our series on the sciences we hate and fear, our own personal Secret Satans.   Mine is biology and rightly so.


Photo of techie and penguin:  Kelly Moore

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