New Person of LWON: Erik Vance


As the inimitable Virginia Hughes shuffles off to that corner of the internet circumscribed by the yellow rectangle, we welcome frequent guest contributor Erik Vance as a full-fledged Person of LWON. A self-described “non-native invasive,” Erik lives and works in Mexico City, thereby completing the NAFTA strategy here at LWON, and helping us colonize a new-to-us timezone.

When I first met Erik he was a fixture of the San Francisco Bay Area science writing scene, known equally for his good humor and crisp, insightful reportage. He has been a tagger of shorebirds, a chronicler of hamster sex, and apparently, there’s an unpublished novel hidden somewhere that we should all be agitating to see. We’ll all learn much more in the months to come, starting with a fresh post tomorrow. But for now, I’ll let Erik introduce himself through one of his most ambitious roles — Darwin, reincarnated:


Image An Aztec scribe, hard at work. (Or so it is implied, here.)


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