Sunday Stories

Photo by Emma Marris

For your Sunday-reading pleasure, a few stories that the people of LWON loved this week. In no particular order:

Who knew about radiation sickness, and when?, by Alex Wellerstein, Restricted Data

Some Manhattan Project physicists did know what radiation from atom bombs would do to people. Robert Oppenheimer wasn’t much interested.

Bonus: Emma Marris has a really charming Tumblr that combines her specialities: science, natural, and little kids. This is my favorite post.

7th marathon win at Route 66… and new Superhero costume World Record!, by Camille Herron on her blog

I know this isn’t really science related, but it’s just totally cool. Professional marathoner Camille Herron set a new record for running a marathon while dressed as a superhero.

My Larry Hagman Story, by Mark Evanier, News From Me

A must-read for any real Dallas fan. Sounds like Hagman had all of the spunk and charm of J.R. and none of the greed.

Lost and Found, by Kelley Benham, Tampa Bay Times

I found myself sobbing in a crowded subway car this week because of this story, the first of a three-part series on a baby born four months too early. The writer is the baby’s mother.

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