The Last Word


3 – 7 December 2012

This week, Richard Branson’s spaceflight-for-megabucks scheme might be the trending, but Heather is far more interested in the intriguing history of the Zambian space academy.

It’s a great post – not least because of the utterly hypnotic video – but can I get a show of hands for anyone who would like Heather’s next post to explain what she was doing in the backseat of an F-18? And why she thought she could just slip that in there without anyone noticing?

Much further out in space, Richard finds that the fate of the universe is blowing in the solar wind.

Returning to more earthly concerns, Jessa tells us why the hills of Canada’s Northwest passage have been burning for centuries.

Cameron considers a sea urchin costume for her interpretive dance routine.

And finally, we have a great post about the all-caps trolls who chase journalists away from controversial climate change coverage, penned by your imaginary boyfriend guest poster Erik Vance.

Happy weekend everyone!

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