The Last Word


Oct. 22 – 26

This week’s posts were unusually beautiful, every one of them, with the exception of Abstruse Goose, who was merely funny.

Abstruse Goose shows — not tells — why nobody’s ever going to make a movie about solving a math problem.

Junk food everywhere = epidemic in obesity.  “We don’t know which foods to ban,” says the govenment.  “Yes, you do,” says Cassie.

Migrations of hawks, of people: “How fragile they are,” Cameron writes. “How amazing that they know the way home, that some of them make it, and that then they do it all over again.”

Young men and young elephants both are subject to raging hormonal imbalances, says Thomas, leading sometimes to mayhem.  Obvious, cheap, and lovely solution:  the presence of older men and older elephants.

An Ixil Maya farmer finds under the paint on his living room wall an ancient mural of the subversive Dance of Conquest.  He’s trying to preserve it, says Heather.  The government isn’t helping.


Photo:   Lasse Christensen 


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