The Last Word


October 1 – October 5

Virginia attends a Story Collider, listens to a scientist who picks up roadkill armadillos to study the erectile tissues in their penises, wonders why more scientists don’t tell stories, advises them how to go forth and do so.

Christie was pissed off before about the Komen Foundation’s insistence that screening prevents breast cancer, and she still is.  Because she still has reason to be.

Two brothers argue over and over about which is the better way to live, via science or via religion.  I think whatever gets you through the very real night.

Our boy Abstruse Goose ventures once again down the rabbit hole of the many-world interpretation of the quantum theory.

In spite of most of us being non-geniuses, Jessa says, we still have a meritocracy based on intelligence.  Which we can hardly define and which might not even be necessary, let alone sufficient.


Photo:  J. Centavo


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