The Last Word


August 27 -31

This week, guest poster Anne Casselman reported on a fascinating group of new experiments that indicate that a real solution to climate change won’t come from engineering better biofuels as much as it will come from engineering better ways to exploit our own psychological trap doors.

After all, social pressure is our most fearsome weapon: Michelle found that it’s enough to make Chinese politicians drink themselves to death on a drink that tastes like socks with AIDS.

If you’re feeling pressure to procreate because of the recent study about old dads and autism, Ginny set us all straight this week about overinterpreting the findings.

Abstruse Goose brought back my favourite character of God-the-shortsighted-managerial-type (in this week’s episode: 640 k will totally be enough memory for all the laws of physics!).

And Heather remembered an unlikely patron saint of archaeology who marched to the beat of no one’s drum.

Happy weekend, everyone. Enjoy the last bit of summer!

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