The Last Word


July 30 – August 3

I was wrong. It looks like you can expect a penis every Friday, thanks to the wild popularity of LWON’s Penis Fridays. This week, guest poster Erik Vance tackled dolphin penises. No, he didn’t. But he explained them to us.

Ginny and Michelle reopened the case of whether it’s ever okay to kill goats, in an interview with Scientific American‘s Jason G. Goldman.

Christie compared doping scandals to Jonah Lehrer’s predicament and suggested that once you get successful enough, the people around you push you — both well-meaningly and unfairly — to be superhuman.

Ginny helpfully torpedoed the neurobollocks behind Baby Einstein.

And Michelle explained why, when you win the Mountain Fair’s wood-chopping contest in Colorado, your prize is a tiara.

Have a great weekend!

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