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June 18 – June 22

“Don’t expect to get a penis every Friday, because you won’t.”

Thus spake Cassandra, introducing occasional penis Fridays, a new LWON effort, so to speak. The introductory post in the series concerned banana slug sex, which is even grosser than the sum of its parts, and that’s saying a lot.

A slightly more refined series also started this week: Galapagos Mondays. To kick it off, this week Ginny told us what donkeys and tortoises have in common with a one-woman nudist colony.

Guest Poster Meagan Phelan told us about smart clothes engineered to see and hear.

Jessa excavated the igloo; can it be reclaimed to help us adapt to climate change?

And finally, is there a better name than Rosemerry? There is not. But lest I get too envious, Christie’s post about envy reminded me that I’m barking up the wrong tree: “I’m making fun of myself and the ego’s longing to be more, to do more, to have more, more, more.” Imagine the possibility of envy as nurturing instead of toxic.

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One thought on “The Last Word

  1. Sally, that’s a sweet comment about the name … It’s my two grandmothers, Rose and Merry. I’ve always felt pretty lucky about being their namesake … though for many years as a girl i LONGED to be named Jennifer. 🙂

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