The Last Word


June 10 – June 15

This week we celebrated Father’s Day, and because LWON has too many ladies and not enough mens, we brought in some hired muscle to create some menspace.

Assuming the role of temporary dude, I started the week wondering about the generational echoes of missing fathers.

Guest poster Greg Hanscom showed us how to be the kind of dad, with the kind of friends, who can raise kids who know how to learn from the snow and the silence and the big open spaces.

Our second guest poster Adam Hinterthuer despaired at the task of making a pink princess punk.

Tom wondered why dads get no respect from children’s books, subtly slipped in the news that he’s going to be a father again, and thought we wouldn’t notice. (We noticed.)

And Richard ended the week with a gorgeous meditation about his father that explained why he was older than the (known) universe. Take this into your weekend: if you died in 1914, your knowledge of the universe was roughly on par with a caveman’s. If you managed to time your birth to coincide with the latter half of the 20th century, you were one of the lucky few humans who can begin to comprehend the geography of the universe.

See you Monday.

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