The Last Word


June 4- June 8

This week, Cameron explains about the long history of complaining about the gloomy weather in Southern California.

Guest poster and Cassie’s man Soren Wheeler took on the phrase “dumbing down” as it is routinely dispensed by scientists tired of science journalism: “The implication is that if you need those things to get it, you don’t really deserve to get it. And it’s a few short steps from there to a very dangerous thought: Some people can understand science and others simply can’t.”

Having seen how our ravenous appetite has driven entire species to extinction, Michelle showed how some people are now trying to use that force for good, to wipe out invasive species.

Jessa told us about the anthropological history of sh*t-talking.

And Heather explained how field notes can save even an otherwise unmitigated archaeological disaster.

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