The Last Word


It was a usual week at LWON:  questions and opinions shot off like bottle rockets, unexpectedly and in all directions.

Virginia gets on the phone to interview neuroscientists and realizes that most of them are men.  Then she gets on the phone about a hot new neuroscience and realizes that almost-most of her interviewees are women.  Why is that?  Social fluidity? Role models?  Avoidance of the dick factor?

Cassandra watches earthworms having sex.  She wears a headlamp.  She takes pictures.  Why didn’t she know about this? She interviews earthworm-sex experts.  She finds out.

Abstruse Goose gets righteously pissy on behalf of the creator of rainbows.

Michelle wants to know how, in a conversation the length of an elevator ride, to sum up scientists’ “thoroughly conscious ignorance.”

Ann’s Uncle Bundy shows her some ball bearings he thinks are pretty and 40 years later, she figures out why.


astounding knitting photos: estonia76  

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