The Last Word


May 14 to May 18

“Most people in counterintelligence are unlikely.” Read Ann’s story of Harry Baig IMMEDIATELY or I will come to your house, tie you to a chair and read it aloud to you. (This sounded a lot more threatening before I typed it out loud…)

Heather laid down some capital-S science to prove once again that dogs are effing awesome and always have been. I dare you to read her revelation that a 25,00- year-old mourner tucked a bone into a dead dog’s mouth and keep both eyes dry.

Ginny explained neuron-sucking robots! With music! And animation!

Guest poster Geoff Brumfiel pondered the art of the tweet.

And Cassie and her husband rounded out the week with a mini-flamewar in the comments under Richard’s answer to the long-standing question: How do we know the laws of physics are universal?

See you next week!

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