The Last Word


April 30 – May 4

Guest poster Sam McDougle starts the week the only way any week should ever start: with space dinosaurs. Anyway, his post seems to be about space dinosaurs; inside, you find a question about how far scientists should stretch the implications of their research to draw attention to the science (I see what you did there). Many opinions ensue.

Of all the descendants of the dinosaurs, is any as improbable as the hummingbird? They don’t weigh much more than a coin, guest poster Whitney Barlow tells us, but somehow these tiny vagrants undertake jawdropping transcontinental trips that occasionally end at the American Museum of Natural History.

Michelle takes us through the gruesome but fascinating history of mine lighting, in which the definition of “fireman” became “the guy who creeps ahead wrapped in water-soaked clothes and holding a long, flaming stick.” And hopes he doesn’t explode in a giant fireball.

Heather wonders if the world’s most expensive food is worth the extinction of the near-mythical creatures we must kill to get it.

Tom informs us of the existence of a scientific test (no, seriously) called Draw a Scientist. Inevitably, Tom’s scientist drawing turns into a bit of a Rorschach test; are those crocs or leopard print slippers? Oddly angled keyboard or bag of Fritos? And what does all of this mean about my mother?

Extra credit: If I were a statistician, perhaps I too would change my job title to Professional Dragon King Hunter.

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