The Last Word


March 5 – March 9

Today I’m calling on the power of the crowd to resolve an internal debate: What do you hear yourself think when you see the letters LWON? Are we LaWon or Elwon? The reason I ask is that this week, we got a new person of LWON! Do I welcome Cameron Walker as a LaWonian or an Elwonian? Or is there some alternative construction we’ve failed to consider? Your thoughts in the comments, please.

As advertised, Cameron immediately wowed us with a snappy and sweet post about the nature of writerly communion. Also, barnacle penis.

Tom wondered if the human excretory system could be re-engineered to be more like the copepod’s, which produces small, neatly-wrapped poop burritos.

Ginny followed parasitic filarial nematodes on a cross-species adventure as they hopped between humans and mosquitoes, leaving me all itchy and worried about a global elephantiasis pandemic.

Jessa correctly observed that “a wilderness death by charismatic megafauna has a certain dramatic appeal.”

And my friend Richard Fisher wrapped up the week with a beautiful meditation on how we’re all just small links in a chain of humanity that stretches into time’s vanishing point.

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3 thoughts on “The Last Word

  1. Elwon, Elwonian.

    I suppose, using the Welsh pronunciation of the W, one might be tempted to pronounce it Loon. But I would never.

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