New Person of LWON: Sally Adee


Please allow me to introduce a new person of LWON . . . Sally Adee, a technology features editor at New Scientist and an all around top-notch human being. I first met Sally in 2006, when we were both starry eyed graduate students at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Back then she was obsessed with nuclear waste. I would say, “I’m having boy troubles. Can we grab a beer and talk?” And she’d say, “Let me tell you about the nuclear waste tanks at Hanford.” And if there’s anything that can make personal problems seem inconsequential, it’s the ghastly radioactive sludge in Hanford’s underground tanks. (If you want to know more, you can find Sally’s 100-page thesis in the library at Johns Hopkins’ Homewood campus.)

These days, Sally has new obsessions — British accents, roller derby, computational neuroscience. But her commitment to producing fine science journalism endures. Sally gets the facts, no matter how much sleuthing it takes. LWON is lucky to have her.


Image of spent nuclear fuel at Hanford courtesy of the US Department of Energy

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