Abstruse Goose: Computer Programming 101


Abstruse Goose has the same problem I do but proposes a solution.

Luckily, says Abstruse Goose, not everyone needs to “see so far under the hood.”


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2 thoughts on “Abstruse Goose: Computer Programming 101

  1. from venezia italy:
    i very much enjoyed the delitful complexidies of this wonderful comic strip. i think that you did a good job of simple vs complicated.thank you for giving me this awsome experience.

  2. I’m pleased to make your electronic acquaintance, Ava. I like that comic strip too, and thank you for the compliment. Look at the pavimenti in St. Mark’s for me, please? And give Jeje a hug and my love, please? And I look forward to one day making your real life acquaintance.

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